About Beer Can't

Welcome to the world of Beer Can'ts!

The mission of this site is to document things that look like beer cans, but can't be beer cans.   Typically that implies marketing/promotional material licensed by breweries that looks like their beer cans but perform completely different functions.   The guidelines/boundaries are:

  1. Looks like a REAL beer can....not "Buttwizer" or "Hineycan" or other beer can wannabes. Basically, something a real brewery licensed to have made.   Also not just a cylinder with a beer logo on it either.   Want it to at least make a passable attempt to look like a beer can that once held beer.
  2. It must NOT be a real beer can. There are WAY too many things out there that are modified beer cans. People cut tops off cans and fill them with wax and call it a candle.....that doesn't count. Nor would taking a real beer can and just swapping out the top for a slotted bank lid.  That's a beer can....not a beer can't bank.   Other real beer cans that are modified would be the "can safes", the Burgermeister music box, those with lighter inserts in the top, and the list goes on.   If it ever started life as a beer can, it isn't a beer can't.
  3. It should perform a function. Just a smaller or larger version of a can, or the same size can that just sits there isn't very interesting. Should DO SOMETHING! Be a radio, telephone, salt shaker, match box, hold golf balls, hold handkerchiefs... make something out of yourself! Get a job!   Some can'ts sneak in under this wire like the Drewery's paperweights and assorted Christmas ornaments.
  4. It should predominantly be a beer can't.....not a beer can't included into some other thing. For example, there are lamps out there where the lamp shade is a "beer can't" but the item in total is not predominantly a beer can't....it's mostly a lamp. Also I rule out the mechanical pencils that have a tiny beer can on the end.....that's close, but in the end it's mostly a pencil, not a beer can't.
  5. Finally, personal taste, and I go back and forth on this.....but I prefer the single can thing....not so much the 6-pack shaped salt shaker, or the string of Budweiser shaped cans used as a string of Christmas lights.  Of course the Salt & Pepper shaker sets sneak through this exclusion, but I would think that obvious.  Vague area there, and some may creep in here and there, but I personally come down on the side of single cans....not so much assemblies of beer can'ts
  6. This is NOT a "for sale"/ecommerce site.   This is strictly to document my personal collection.

To summarize, a Beer Can't

  1. Tries to look like an actual Beer Can
  2. Can not be a actual Beer Can
  3. Must be a functional item
  4. Must be mostly a beer can't, not part of a larger thing

Thanks for dropping by!   If you have any items that fit the bill and you think should be included, drop me a line through my Contact form.   Always looking to add to the collection!  :-)

Rand Lindsly