Miller Lite Cantroller Can't

Submitted by Rand on Fri, 08/09/2019 - 17:39


Brand (Brewery): Miller Lite (Miller Brewing Co.)
Category: Electronics
 » Cantroller
2.8 in (7.0 cm).
4.8 in (12.1 cm).
14.1 oz (399.7 gm).
Plastic wrap, with lots of wires and buttons and stuff :-)
Price Range:
$150.00 – $500.00


Very Rare - 200 made for the 6/12/19 E3 event in LA, and you could win one if you beat Eric Andre in Street Fighter V

Official Miller Lite Cantroller Website

Commentary:  This might appear to violate one of the basic tenets of the Beer Can't philosophy, that it can't be a "beer can".   In fact, the Cantroller does contain beer.   However, it is not first and foremost a beer can, it is primarily a game controller and promotional piece and not a beer delivery vehicle.  If anything, the fact that there is beer in there adds to the novelty.   Final note, the pressurized liquid adds to the structural rigidity of the cantroller making it easier to play, so it's arguable the beer is necessary for it to function.

(dimensions and weights above for cantroller, and does not include the assorted packaging)